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Our Values

At Windsor Management Insurance Brokers we want to be – and be recognised as – an industry leader in insurance broking. To get there, we’re letting our client's needs and our values guide us. These are some of the values we live by every day.

Service Excellence

We believe in a proactive approach to customer service, striving to create value to businesses through tailored solutions. We never stop listening to our clients and when we find a solution for them, it’s implemented quickly. We know clients want solutions to their problems – but at the right price. We never stop looking for a better way. For us, it’s all about you, our customer.

Effective Teamwork

Our work culture is steeped in teamwork and employee involvement. We work together to achieve common goals. We believe this kind of involvement leads to the insight required to create solutions that work for our clients.

Integrity and Professionalism

Our commitment to integrity and professionalism helps us make a difference to our clients. We are confident in our ability to offer sound, honest insurance advice, and always follow through with action. We take a transparent approach to our business relationships, keeping clients fully informed at all times.

Dedication to Community

At Windsor Management Insurance Brokers, we have deep roots in communities across Melbourne and Brisbane. Through participation in community-based programs and fund-raising projects, we demonstrate our strong sense of community spirit, and our compassion for others.